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It’s Like This. . .

Yep, I’m blocked.

Hope it ends soon–

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This Time, This Year

The prodigal returneth–another software failure on Halloween afternoon left me out of the loop until today, when my friend Sharon saved the day with an upgrade/reinstallation–

On Thanksgiving Day last year, Mom was in CCU with a ventilator tube and I left the hospital long enough to have dinner with my sister, BIL, nephew Bubba and niece the Princess at a Shoney’s on Alcoa Highway–a nontraditional meal; I had catfish with my dressing and gravy instead of turkey!

This year is a very different one.

What I’m thankful for:

Mom is sitting in the living room, watching TV, after a gargantuan Thanksgiving dinner at Sis’s. It was the first time in years that we’d been able to persuade her to go to dinner with us. Watching her at the puter table (her oxygen tank beside her) and listening to her talk animatedly between bites, is the thing I’m most thankful for: that she’s well and happy.

I’m thankful that we all were together: Sis, Lester, Bubba, the Princess, Paul, Shawn and Amanda, Mom, Sharon and me, and Lester’s mom and stepdad, sharing news and laughs, watching the annual Kennel Club show, followed by the tag end of Beauty and the Beast and the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I’m thankful for a sunny, crisp day after three days of rain in Knobite Corner.

I’m thankful for friends in far-off places that I know only online and love as much as I love those close by.

I’m thankful to be home this Thanksgiving–a hospital is not a fun place to be, although it was a necessity last year.

I’m thankful for a trio of goofball cats–Sophia, Spook and Blackadder, two of whom own my sister’s family and one of whom owns me–who pad around looking curiously at all the commotion.

Oh, there are things that sadden me this Thanksgiving–but I can’t help hearing Flatt and Scruggs singing an oldtime song that about covers it all:

I know all the good things outweigh the bad.

Love and a happy, grateful day to all– ❤

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